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Placement of feng shui knowledge for wedding photos


Living room

The living room is the main place to receive guests in the home. The general owner's personality is reflected in the decoration and arrangement of the living room. The taste of the owner can be seen from the bit by bit. The wedding photo is a symbol of the two people's feelings. The general feeling is in the outbreak of the newcomer and will like to put the wedding photo in the living room. From the point of view of Kanken, the northwest represents her husband and the southwest represents her wife. A picture of the marriage is held in the northwest of the living room. It represents the degree of emphasis the husband has on his wife in the family, or the deep feelings of the two men. Similarly, in the southwest, when a picture of a married couple or a honeymoon is displayed, it shows more of the determination of the person represented in this direction as a lifelong partner. However, this is merely an appearance and cannot be generalized. After all, everyone has different ways of expressing themselves.

It is also okay to leave your wedding photos and other life photos. Although the effect of life photographs is not as good as that of a married couple, the life photographs after twenty-five years of marriage can still make one see the love of couples newly married. Life is placed in the family, people always pay attention to each other's information, virtually increase the marriage.

Bed head

The newcomer can place his wedding photo table on the bedside position. Xiao Bian understands that the headboard stands on the mountain, the mountain stands for the Ding, the mountain stands for the water, and the wedding photo is placed on the bedside, which represents a good relationship between the couple. Love life. The wedding photo was placed on Xiangshan Mountain to represent the two people in terms of money and there was a lot of tangling and entanglement. However, this also refers to the good aspects and represents the two people's deep feelings. The wedding photo can not be placed on the right side of the bed. In the study, the right side is called the ”White Tiger Bit,” and placing it on this side will be detrimental to the marriage. Marriage should be placed on the left side of the bed, that is, the "Green Dragon", so that the marriage of the two can be blessed and the happiness is complete.


3. Room northwest and southwest

Many families will arrange decorations and articles according to Feng Shui. Northwest and southwestern parties will represent marital relations. Some items representing beautiful wishes may be placed in this position instead of wedding photos. Shijiazhuang wedding photography Xiao Bian heard that some beautiful pictures of men and women are best not to be placed in this position, because it allows the other half to fall in love with the meaning of others, but for each other to attract trouble peach. However, there is also a saying that if we hope that our children's future life will be happy, we will add a picture of the man and the niece to this position in the room. This will also increase the love for the children and achieve a satisfactory marriage.

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