Perfect photo shoot for pregnant women

Perfect photo shoot for pregnant women. There are quite a few young couples rushing to prepare for the wedding after pregnancy. Many couples are afraid that the fetus in the womb will not be stable and the wedding photos will affect the fetus.

Pregnant women take wedding photos note 1

Make up, choose light makeup as much as possible, use less irritating makeup.

Pregnant women take wedding photos note 2

1. Since you are taking photos of pregnant women with large stomachs, you must have at least one set of photos showing the belly. Don't be shy and secretive. It's not good. Be so generous to reveal, also can besmear some bright olive oil, bold of show your belly. You can even suggest that the studio draw some small patterns on your stomach, such as a favorite cartoon image, or ask your husband to press a palm print, is also a good idea. If you can bring it up, you'll basically say yes.

2. Maternity photos are different from wedding photos and personal photos. You should show yourself to be a mother soon, and take pictures of happiness, beauty and maternal love. More smile!

3. Questions about pregnant women painting on the belly? Some people worry that painting on the belly will have an impact on the baby? Actually not, some maternal and child health care doctors say that painting on the belly will have an impact on the baby is very unscientific. There have been no reports or cases of adverse effects of pregnant women painting on the belly. The reason for this is simple, because pregnant women's photography is different from ordinary painting. It is green and environment-friendly. What's more, oil paints simply can't penetrate the layers of skin to get to the bottom of the skin. The expert suggests, had better choose a few well-known professional pregnant woman photograph orgnaization to shoot must not choose common photograph orgnaization, because pregnant woman photograph is burgeoning industry. Many stores have little experience.

4. It is suggested that pregnant women should ask whether they are professional female pregnant photographers before shooting.

Taking photos of pregnant women with large belly is generally selected in the size of 7 months best effect, the longest not more than 9 months. Because if month little stomach has not come out, and 7 months belly also come out, action still calculates convenient, the likelihood that produces an accident is less, the child of 9 months old is more violent fetal move, action is not very convenient.

Because women tend to be overweight during pregnancy, especially in arms and thighs, the woman may not feel as though she is taking the photo herself, but when she looks at the sample, she will be disappointed. So want to choose the clothes that suits oneself according to oneself circumstance, additional can ask photograph building to be opposite oneself dissatisfactory place gives to trim.

7. It is necessary to choose professional pregnant women photography agency for photography, which is more professional and experienced. Besides, there are many special maternity photos that can be selected, and the clothes are clean. On top of that, there is no radiation in the meguiar's light during the shoot, reducing the risk.

Pregnant women take wedding photos note 3

Hard if picture taken overwork, pregnant women have an impact on the fetus, so for their wedding photos last night make sure there is plenty of rest, if there is a location, had better choose days the weather is good, suggest another new interior and exterior photos are divided into two days, so we can ensure that pregnant women have plenty of time to rest.

Pregnant women take wedding photos note 4

The first three months of pregnancy because of fetal development is not stable, some pregnant women that just was pregnant body weak, so the couple for their wedding photos must according to their own physical condition to determine whether taking pictures, if the body is weak, will try to wait until after three months of fetal stability for their wedding photos, generally five months before pregnancy, pregnant women body appearance performance is not obvious, so this time can also shoot the photos of the beautiful.

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The best man and the maid of honor are choosing the right person

The best man and the maid of honor are choosing the right person

Takeaway: married time for the bride and groom died in addition to the best man and the maid of honor is also expected to no one, it seems, as the bride and groom to friend is also not easily oh. Married the day we see in addition to classical and elegant to the bride and groom and the gentleman, all, is another standing around them, best man and the maid of honor, is the best man and the maid of honor at the wedding banquet is not a lack of two elements. Because of them, the wedding banquet more exalted, overweight! And for choosing the best man and the maid of honor, it's really like choosing. Mr Right & throughout; It has to be decided according to their characteristics.

Is, still have a lot of the bride and groom to marry is time worrying about how to choose the best man and maid of honor, still have below is carried out by the shenzhen re-examination to professional staff to the bride and groom are about to select the best man and the maid of honor what should pay attention to matters. Beginning in selecting the best man and the maid of honor hour should be a number. Such as groomsman number can be in accordance with the ego private interest, there is no special qualified, by convention, party best links to the men and women agree, just it entirely by you personally as well as economic ability to resolution. If you want to less a few best man but don't want to blame your partner or male relatives, can let them when the usher, They can be like other people to wear ordinary collar band uniforms to the guests. So much, you can not blame anyone, also can avoid bad host to bad reputation. The best man and the maid of honor their brothers and sisters are no taboos, choose the best man is not you a little about my private ground, your bride may have deliberately let her favorite brothers when the best man, who as long as the private ego looks not attractive you'd better let him as the best man. On the contrary, if you want to make itself the most intimate sisters bridesmaid, the bride will agree. If your thinking is enough to open, best man and the maid of honor anchor color can be exchanged. The best man should be a little chewing, Because he will make a toast at a wedding, you are not I hope he say inappropriate words, he also should have the sense of responsibility, because he will live by the bridegroom to the bride at the ring, in addition, is the most important thing is he must is very humorous, because the groom before marriage to Chinese party is by the best man who alone. Choose your mouth in the activists as best man, if to the wedding the night before the invention of you and your best man, and much more with language really is too late. Shenzhen wedding banquet re-examination here hint to the bride and groom at this point you need not nervous, Keep in mind that you can't go wrong with those forgetful wedding bands, get drunk at the reception or put your mind elsewhere as groomsmen.

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Soft glass tiles flash an endless romance for the Beijing wedding

Soft glass tiles flash an endless romance for the Beijing wedding

Takeaway: Brick in a hotel in the wedding ceremony, because it is means less change, enough is placed the wedding venue is primarily a link, in advance when wen set meal hotel must esteem. On the wedding to create the most romantic wedding inn in Beijing, the most touching, it must to good decorate place, but in addition to installing, wedding hotel own land brick is inevitable to esteem, has the good brick, shangdi effect will have the very eve of the wedding to indecent. Bo changes a brick is a kind of very is outstanding in this type of brick, Let's take a look at what the bo changes a brick strength characteristics. Bo changes a brick is made of quartz sand, mud proportion according to the necessary fire and into, and then polished light but do not need polishing, looks like glass mirror surface smooth and bright, is a kind of, the most hard all ceramic tile with good water absorption and edge straight degree, bending strength, acid-proof alkaline etc. Because it is bright and clean appearance, easy to clean and nurse, wear resistant to decay, high strength, good decorative effect, wide application, dosage, etc, of the eve of the and is referred to as the king of the brick. Widely used in Beijing hotel wedding. So what is the distinguishing feature of this kind of bo changes a brick? Take a look all the way down: Bo changes a brick layout characteristics first, soft colors, not the color difference. Second, high temperature sintering, fully vitrified naturally the mullite, such as a variety of crystal, the physical and chemical function the same, resistant to decay, the fouling resistance is strong, easy to clean. Third, the thickness is relatively thin, high flexural strength, light brick, building load reduction. Fourth, healthy environmental protection, not harmful to human body elements. Fifth, flexural strength, of the eve of the Beijing hotel wedding good brick material is. In the wedding hotel, brick because is means less than enough change, is placed the wedding venue is primarily a link, In advance when booking hotel must be valued.

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How to choose wedding hotel according to the reasonable location

How to choose wedding hotel according to the reasonable location

Takeaway: follow the western-style wedding banquet to hit, the tide of fashion is carried out to the bride and groom are increasingly relied itself. In terms of choice of venue, hotel attached to its brand and strong hardware, guaranteeing the upper hand, a lot of the bride and groom to become the preferred. Because the wedding will be a pity, when selecting hotel, weeks examining is particularly fine main aspects. The wedding hotel guests to choose from the garden is also about the quality of the bride and groom wedding banquet to consider oh! How to choose a suitable wedding hotel according to its location? In the choice of the venue, the wedding hotel has become the first choice for many brides and grooms depending on its good brand, stubborn and high quality. Nowadays, there are many private cars. If you encounter the zengling period of marriage or a good day, the traffic will not be as convenient as you think. Is to the bride and groom have to consider the hotel's position and the route, and these also with leasing team capability to focus on each other. Other hotel manager and position but also to the wedding guests to travel way, if the iron, the station of hotel close to the wedding or the traffic is very convenient, the natural to the eve of the eve of the points, if the truth of remote location, you will need to communicate in advance with hotel staff to coherent wedding held, consult the hotel party, whether charter or designated bus. Don't make wedding present leaders among relatives and friends in particular energy bear! After all, the wedding banquet is a happy event! The bride and groom must be careful! End to still need to consider is the parking problem, this is bound to ask clear. At the moment many guests like to drive a car to garden hotel to attend wedding banquet, wedding is in the car the stop where I also need to think ahead. To is a must to communicate with the hotel in advance whether provide sufficient number of parking Spaces. The other car parking problems, such as wedding

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The details of the bride's wedding ceremony are handled with delicacy

The bride's wedding, always nervous and busy, in the enjoyment of sweetness and happiness, the bride will often ignore some minor details of the appearance.

For a bride's wedding to remain beautiful, as a full bride, you might as well make up for the lessons before the wedding to minimize these "flaws"

The important details of the bride's appearance at the doubtfire wedding

Walk and turn in your wedding dress

As most wedding dresses have very complicated hemlines and large hemlines, the bride should pay special attention to them when walking, so as not to step on the skirt and fall down, or get stuck in high heels by the skirt. Therefore, the bride can gently lift the skirt before starting. If she feels she has stepped on the skirt, she can lift her foot slightly in the skirt.

It is not advisable to rush forward with great strides like a march. Keep your upper body upright while walking and keep your shoulders straight. Every time the bride turns around, the bridesmaid should immediately tidy up the skirt to keep it natural and beautiful. If you feel like you've stepped on the tail when you turn around, graciously ask the maid of honor to come and help with the finishing.

The way to lift a skirt

Gently lift the front center of the wedding dress, lift the height to do not affect walking is appropriate. When two hands did not take a thing, one hand wedding dress, the other hand as the assistance to pull the next side of the gauze, had better not expose the foot. If you have a bouquet in your hand, keep the bouquet forward and slightly sloping upwards.

The way out of the loop

If the bride USES gloves, they will be removed during the ceremony. It's important to take off your gloves gracefully. When removing the gloves, the nails should be straight forward, and the fingers should be naturally closed together. Then, the gloves should be taken off and gently held to the fingertips of the gloves. Remove the gloves and place them next to the bride. If there is no special place, place it close to the bride and pick it up. After the ceremony, put on your gloves and leave. You can wear gloves when drinking at a party and take them off at dinner.

Turn around and look back

In the wedding process, when you are called casually by the people behind you, you will look back casually as usual, which is wrong. Simple turn over the head, can let a neck appear ugly wrinkle, at this time had better turn the body also. Gentle movement is the key to an elegant turn, with the hand gently lifting the wedding dress, so that the back of the yarn in the opposite direction of the turn. When you look back, don't just turn your neck, and your body moves with it. Don't swing your skirt wildly. Turn slowly and always gracefully.

Wedding matters

Even on such an exciting day as marriage, you will often wipe away tears of happiness and excitement due to your touching, so be sure to prepare a handkerchief or paper towel for your tears. The bride should gently press her eyes when wiping her tears, noting that it will damage the make-up if it is rubbed back and forth. The bride, who is prone to tears and excitement, should not wear too much eye make-up, and always pay attention to make-up to avoid embarrassment.

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There are two big problems with wedding photos in winter

Winter wedding photos may be unavoidable for many couples, especially in the cold north. There is no need to worry about the effects of cooling down, allowing couples to take the enviable perfect wedding photos in winter.

1. Take wedding photos in winter: take snow scenery to prevent cold.

For the new people who have a special liking for outdoor scenery, it is inevitable to take wedding photos in winter. In Beijing, the combination of white wedding dress and snow and ice background is the most perfect. No matter it is snow or pure white snow, it can bring you to a fairy-tale world of beauty. The mist that exhales in cold more can set off the warm and sweet breath between two people, pass through the soft and beautiful sunshine in winter, refract your people more pure and holy love, let pure white wedding dress set off in pure white snow scene, deduce the winter love song that is beautiful and moving only in winter. The bride can match her wedding dress with a fur shawl and make it look gorgeous.

Caution: couples who take wedding photos of snowscape in winter should pay attention to keeping warm, especially those who are accustomed to staying indoors. It's best to carry an overcoat or a down jacket with you so that you don't get cold inside and take it off when you take a photo. If the bride chooses a long dress that doesn't show her legs, she can wear a pair of close-fitting wool trousers underneath. In addition, take wedding gauze photograph still can buy a few warm baby in the winter, stick in back, abdomen, hind waist 3 places, stick in allegedly skirt to support inside also have effect very much. One or two hours of warm baby tape is the warmest, and two hours later it's warm, so you can bring some extra with you.

2. Take wedding photos in winter: take exclusive scenery for honeymoon travel

If you want to take wedding photos in winter, it's too cold outside and boring inside, so couples born in the 1980s might as well take a wedding honeymoon trip, or combine honeymoon travel with wedding photos. Finding a tourist destination with a warm climate and pleasant scenery to take wedding photos avoids the traditional "bad" locations, and there is absolutely no need to worry about taking similar wedding photos with your sisters. Take a sweet honeymoon trip to a warm place and record your love on the way. This will not only save you a lot of money, but also save you a lot of money.

Suggestion: honeymoon, taking photos, winter wedding photos in the south or warm weather. The relaxed atmosphere on the south China sea coast is ideal for newlyweds to brew sweetness, which is easier than trekking across mountains and rivers or visiting places of interest. Besides, the weather is not as hot as summer, and wedding photos taken with blue sky, white clouds and blue sea as the background will be quite atmospheric. The beach is also full of light, and the picture will be full.

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Romantic seaside wedding preparations

Sea view wedding photos have been popular for years, and seaside weddings are beginning to catch on. The vast expanse of the sea can always easily create a romantic atmosphere. The seaside is perfect in both landscape and site. Hold seaside wedding, simple adornment can achieve ideal wedding effect. However, due to the particularity of geographical environment and location, there are also many matters needing attention for seaside wedding. Today, let's take a look at some of the strategies for preparing for the seaside wedding.

Romantic seaside wedding preparations

1. Schedule

We can't predict and control the weather, but we can choose the best day to get married through research. First of all, choose a warmer month, then learn about the changes of the weather through the Internet or other channels, and finally, according to the traditional customs, choose a yellow road auspicious day. The wedding ceremony should be held at a time when the wind is low, in order to keep out the wind, you can also use hangings and gauze as a beautiful barrier. Also want to avoid sunshine too strong afternoon, the choice light is downy sunset time, romantic breath is more full-bodied. Special attention should be paid to the timing of high tides to prevent the tide from washing things off the beach.

2. Laying of channels

Hold a wedding in the seaside, can choose natural decorations to lay the passage. Say goodbye to the red carpet, when the wind is low, you can use the petals to lay out, if you are worried that the sea wind will blow away the petals, you can use the shell of a conch or a wooden stick with a gauze bow to lay a beautiful path. As for the decoration on both sides of the channel, you can use sand as material on the spot. You can ask beach artists or passionate friends to build sand sculptures on both sides of the channel and use flowers to decorate them.

Wedding clothes

A wedding at the seaside is best dressed up naturally and easily. It is best to choose a light and airy wedding dress, the fabric can be transparent gauze, chiffon, crepe silks and so on, but do not choose silk wedding dress. Because silk wedding dress is thicker, easy to sweat. Beach wedding is best not to wear heels, bare feet on the beach is more fun. Because the sea breeze of the seaside is quite big, the bride still wants to avoid to wear gauze, insert a simple and elegant flower is a good choice. The groom's dress can be light colored, not too serious.

Deal with rain

Although you are fully prepared, the weather may be changeable, so be prepared for rain. The safest bet is to reserve a banquet room at a seaside hotel or resort so you can move the wedding to it at any time. After choosing good reserve banquet hall, want to make sure to be familiar with the layout of the room, when such plan changes, won't rush about.

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European court style wedding photos set off the bride's beauty

The palace style wedding gauze photograph layer upon layer, the wedding dress that modelling is heavy and complicated or palace outfit matchs each other can foil the beauty of the bride very well and groom is handsome. In order to set off such a big environment, the bride and groom need to make some efforts in the court style wedding gauze photo makeup look, it is necessary to create the delicate and elegant makeup with unique features.

Photo courtesy of July 7 wedding dress

European-style architecture not only has a long history, culture and ancient charm, but also integrates modern fashion atmosphere. For young new arrivals, European ornate court architecture is an indispensable ideal location. In tonal respect, it is to be given priority to with pure white basically, also have a few people can choose red brick color. When shooting wedding photos, you can choose buildings with spiral stairs, carved Roman pillars and low-rise steeple-roofed churches. In this way, new people can also display various types of shapes in the process of shooting, and the picture effect is also better.

In the aspect of clothing, we also need to choose some suitable styles that can set off each other with these buildings. Because Europe type building is tonal more onefold, tie-in layer upon layer, modelling is heavy and complicated marriage gauze or court outfit more suit. On tonal choice go up basically with bright and deep tone is given priority to, a few light color series had better not choose. The bride of petite stature, can choose to photograph on revolving type stair, tie-in big drag tail court outfit, use the view that goes up from bottom, appear slender body. Tall bride can choose corridor, Rome pillar and other still life standing type to take a view.

In general, the exaggerated court attire of the red, sapphire and purple collections is a perfect match. Additional, the bride did not forget, need to make the makeup that sets off mutually with it, the eye makeup that abstruse eyeliner and echo with dress photograph also is indispensable. Although nude makeup is beautiful, it is easy to be overshadowed by buildings, and the bride should avoid it as much as possible.

If the new couple is in it, they can fully appreciate the splendor of different customs in addition to the magnificence and openness of the postmodern British island. The bride is in makeup face, need to pay special attention to fine only beautiful. Dish hair had better dish meticulously, can better reflect everybody's boudoir delicate and elegant, powdery bottom on the color is slightly white at common makeup look, willowleaf eyebrow deserves to go up cherry small mouth, add at last light pink cheek is red, make temperament beautiful woman instantly.

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The bride should consider three aspects when choosing a wedding dress

The bride should consider three aspects when choosing a wedding dress

Wedding life only once, the bride-to-be does not have much experience in choosing a wedding dress, do not know how to choose good, when choosing wedding dress how to identify the quality of the wedding dress, is also a consideration.

The bride chooses wedding dress consideration aspect 1, work

(1) fish bone: just like the body-building clothes, the wedding dress has fish bone, and the cheap wedding dress has less fish bone and softness, so it can't play the role of body-building. The fish bone of high-grade wedding dress has very good foil to bosom form, and let a person more erect, do not need to wear underwear even a lot of time also can assure integral effect is perfect.

(2) look at the chest pad: the chest pad has both internal and external Settings. Usually the wedding dress with low price is definitely external, and it is easy to move. Good wedding dress bosom cushion also has very good adornment bust shape action, full not easy to slide, built-in also more, put naturally very stereo.

(3) sewing method: most of the seaming edges of cheap wedding dresses are exposed to the outside for easy modification. A good wedding dress will often be inside material and fabric seam, hide the inside, outside looks very clean, it will be more difficult to modify.

(4) hand-made flowers: most of the cheap wedding dresses are machine-embroidered, but the stitches are not strong enough. Good wedding dress will use a lot of handwork, the pattern is unique, some skilled workers can only complete one or two pieces a day, a few days more complex to complete a piece, so the cost is high.

The bride chooses wedding dress consideration aspect 2, auxiliary material

Wedding dress accessories and decoration are mainly beads, sequins, pearls, silk thread, silver tube, even some stones.

For instance bead difference is very big, have crystal but also cent man-made crystal and natural crystal, still have swarovski crystal, acrylic, among them swarovski crystal glossiness, refractive index, durability is certain to be better, so the price is certain to be more expensive.

The difference between domestic and imported sequins is very big, domestic ones are easy to be oxidized, wooden ones can be seen after a long time. Imported sequins are very shiny and transparent.

The bride chooses wedding dress consideration aspect 3, fabric

Although the fabric used in wedding dresses is very miscellaneous, but the main focus is on satin, gauze, lace and pure silk.

Wedding dresses are expensive or cheap, mostly depending on the fabric. The fabric that homebred basically is produced in jiang zhe zhe area, compare thin, conical poorer, a lot of time we see a few marriage gauze must use skirt to prop up, and still can see the steel circle on skirt brace of a circle of a circle, because the fabric is too thin. The imported fabric has a good hand feel, good gloss and exquisite touch.

Now the most commonly used is satin, which is mainly divided into 365,375,395 and so on. The larger the number, the greater the weight, the better the fall, but the gloss will be reduced. The 395 that USES import commonly, add lining to connect skirt support to need not even. And satin insulation is good, suitable for spring and autumn and winter wedding.

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Winter wedding requisites

When winter comes, brides who choose to marry in this season can avoid the wedding peak and enjoy many exclusive services. But because of the season, the weather is cold, and the bride does not want to wear heavy cotton clothes, how to do beautiful and not frozen people? Today, j will let ji 'nan comus wedding dress customized rental small unit for you, so that you can get married in the winter while keeping warm, elegant and beautiful. Respect the original, reproduced please indicate the source:

A thick veil

Don't focus on keeping warm during a winter wedding. It will make you look bloated and spread the warm stuff around so you can feel fresh and warm. Multi-layer design of the veil, can replace the hat, while hanging at the shoulder, can protect the neck, shoulders from the cold.

Fur/imitation fur cape

The small thing that is indispensable to marry in winter is shawl of course, wear to go up outdoor, cooperate marriage gauze, can keep warm already, can add luxurious temperament again.


Gloves have always been the first choice to set off the royal temperament of the wedding. In the winter, the number of customized or rented wedding dresses is mostly sleeveless and breast wipe. Gloves have become the favorite of the bride. In particular, long elbow gloves can keep you warm and visually extend your arms to kill two birds with one stone.

Warm baby

Winter wear less, how can less warm baby. Many stars shoot in winter, all not without this gadget. The bride-to-be can stick to her abdomen, waist and other cold places. But remember not to touch the skin directly to avoid burns.

Flesh-coloured leggings

If the weather is very cold, opt for skin-tight, wool or fleece flesh-colored leggings and wear them in your wedding dress to keep you warm and beautiful. It's important to note that if you need to wear leggings, the waist and hips should be slightly larger when choosing a wedding dress.

Believe that with these magic weapons, the bride will never have to fear the cold winter, beautiful and confident to meet your big day. Share them quickly and share your favorite items.

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The perfect recipe for wedding photos

Have you ever wondered what your wedding photos look like? Many brides worry that their wedding photos are not perfect enough. After all, they only take wedding photos once in their life. Therefore, before taking photos, the bride will try her best to make herself beautiful and thin.

Emergency skin care

So-called a white covering the ugly woman if people what would look good on their robes, so before taking photos in the bride should do a good job in their own skin care in the first three months will do skin care work, evening when use cucumber slices apply a apply face, moisturizing mask, essence is must be used, especially in the photos on the morning, then do a whitening care, the effect will be better oh, there is no ugly women, only lazy ones.

Model body underwear

If you want to have a perfect body curve, have to open the help of model body underwear, silicone invisible bra is widely popular color, if you want to have charming chest, must avoid the terrible bra skewed, to try before buy, see if size appropriate, so as to choose the suitable size. The most important thing is to be sure if flesh color, and the grain also wants less, otherwise can bring hidden trouble for wearing wedding dress.

Heel height

High Eng shoes on the woman is the most attractive, it can be the shape of your legs, but also can improve temperament, high-heeled shoes is not the higher the better, of course, have to be in your best under scope, if little wear high heels, can give a person very not harmonious feeling, so the first thing to goes with their height and had better not more than 7 cm. Especially on the day of photo taking, it's hard to wear for a whole day, so be careful.

Wedding dress design

Bride to if the figure is very good, can choose the fishtail wedding dress, the dress can not only perfect the bride's figure, and the feeling of the person gives on the vision noble atmosphere, but if the bride is a little bit fat, don't wear that kind of comparison shows that the line of wedding dress, wedding dress skirt of bitter fleabane bitter fleabane that wipe a bosom and appropriate, because it can make your bosom line better, also can help you to the lumbar flesh to cover up.

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The bride and groom choose wedding dress experience

Listen to a friend's advice:

It is also a good choice to take a tasteful best friend to choose a wedding dress. Because, in addition to you and the shop assistant, there is a third person you should believe in, and your ideas and Suggestions will be objective, so it's best to find professional friends as your own consultants. In addition, remember to have confidence in yourself, your wedding should have self-assertion, personality.

2. Observe the window appearance:

Bridal shop different theme window display, let the consumer know clearly current popular index. Therefore, when choosing a wedding dress shop, you should pay a little attention to the window. After all, the window style can reflect the characteristics of the shop to a large extent and give customers the most intuitive feeling.

Try only dresses that fit:

Before trying on the wedding dress, the more professional action is to ask the bride to first wear the most vegetarian, the most fitting dress. By wearing clothes that are almost close to the body, designers can first understand the ratio and characteristics of each part of the bride's body, and then "measure the body to match the clothes". This is how a wedding dress that shows the bride's body, makes up for it or ignores it.

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Knowledge of evening wear and its skill in dress

Famous costume master Pierre cardin once said: when you think of the Louis xv dynasty, then the image of the basket dress with skirt rings will appear in front of your eyes. The skirt rings that are designed to shape the silhouette of the skirt may be a signal that the dress goes from simplicity to luxury. The wedding company

Let's take a look at the 18th and 19th century French literature: let's in Balzac, Hugo, maupassant critical realism writers works often can touch of luxury French upper-class social place, there is no lack of among them about women evening dresses, imagine not hard, late evening this specially designed for social activities and clothes in advance preparation for luxurious luxury circle spreads to come to Paris. There is no concept of evening wear in Chinese traditional dress, but under the influence of Oriental culture, evening wear has gradually come into the life of today's white clean, small and euphemistic Oriental women, and designers have been promoting evening fake products specially designed for them according to the characteristics of Oriental women.

In the movie, the beauty in the evening dress always goes in and out with the gentlemen at the grand reception, the colorful opera house or enjoying the romantic candlelight dinner. In fact, the evening outfit is by no means unreachable, only understand how to choose the appropriate evening outfit according to its own characteristics, you can also make yourself charming and beautiful!

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Online wedding dress should be paid attention to what matters

1. Don't assume high reputation and high turnover, their store is good reputation. I finally saw the shop where I had placed my order. They had a lot of turnover. One buyer bought gloves a dozen times. I think it's too fake. So MM should see clearly.

2. Also, before buying wedding dresses, I want to know what brands there are in this industry, what kind of products these brands have, whether there is any reference standard on the price, and what kind of styles they have at what price. I would like to suggest you to know more about them.

Don't think the picture looks good, the wedding dress looks good. I later read someone else's post to say, some do bridal factories, actually take other people's style to imitate, but the picture is not clear, or not complete, they copy when cut corners, very rough. We saw pictures on their website platform that were decent, but they weren't theirs at all. Just think about it. A wedding dress costs only a few hundred yuan, and the company has no brand culture. It's impossible. I'd like to believe they shot their own wedding dress on a fake model, or at least they were honest. So, MM you must ask the shopkeeper, these photos are taken by yourselves, or others.

Are they real factories? There are a lot of open shop on the website platform, MM you remember to ask them first whether the manufacturer direct sale, if not, the consequence will be very troublesome. If so, you can ask for more details, such as calling to see if it looks like a legitimate company. I called once and answered the phone. It was an aunt. It was a dialect at first. I think such stores may be personal agents, and I will be very nervous. Just think about it. I suggest you buy wedding dress to be able to go to network shopping mall to see, the wedding dress there is a factory to do, at least compared with the agent has safeguard point.

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Some aspects to be wary of when taking wedding photos

The essence that buys did not sell, people are in now while carrying on consumption, often be in fear of, especially in the marriage event that every year, because of its importance, a lot of businessmen regard it as business opportunity. The preparation and holding of the wedding itself is a large expense, coupled with opaque consumption, many newlyweds are afraid. The profits of the photography industry are well known, so how to take wedding photos to protect against being cheated,

First of all, we would like to advise you not to blindly bargain. As the saying goes, a cent price a cent goods, expensive nature has expensive reason, among them the profit how much we do not care about, we do not know specifically. If you want to choose a cheap shop owner, don't expect to take a picture that makes everyone happy. Is there no way to save money? Then choose a large, well-reputed shop for group-buying, which is more reliable.

Secondly, new people should pay attention when they talk about the order. Studio usually provide different price set of couples choose together, each set of system contains the content of the project is different, the star is in the photo number of sheets, as well as the number of apparel sculpt, the other is some of the 7788 gifts are doesn't matter, these set of content can be to discuss, can be less or not gifts, some more on the number of sheets. As for the colour makeup product, invisible underwear, dress division, upgrade needs to add how much money, it is to ask clear ahead of time, and write down in black and white.

Again, it is to hand in deposit money, at this time new person must make clear is deposit money or deposit, although a word difference has very big difference. Deposit is refundable, deposit is not allowed, even if you do not take a picture, can not recover this money, this is also a lot of black heart stores play word games, must be careful.

Picture taken how to prevent fall, several new people must pay attention to the above, then, is to keep a rational mind, especially in the TAB, the photographer will usually take more than a set of specified in the system, several times the pictures for you to choose from, the couple must hold good number, or you'll pay a painful price, pops up a at least and yuan.

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Different styles of wedding photos choose different colors of the circle

Wedding photos are a big thing for every girl, leaving the most beautiful and touching side in front of the camera. The eyes are the window of the heart, so the eyes must be the shape of the wind, this is about to use the circle of beauty. A girl who loves beauty must have one or two pairs of contact lenses to make her eyes look bigger and more alert. So, what color do wedding photos come with?

The pupil of Asian people is brown or slant black, the effect that chooses dark brown is the most natural, most beautiful. The beautiful pupil of this kind of color wants to model the bride of intellectual elegant modelling, again suit nevertheless, the eye shadow that tie-in earth color fastens, faint smoke fume makeup feeling, goddess model is dye-in-the-wood.

Want to let the eye look bright and bright, and won't have intense and unnatural affectation feeling, when choosing the color of beautiful pupil must echo with the hair photograph, must undertake try to wear to see the final effect, after a comparison ability chooses the most suitable beautiful pupil color of oneself.

The little princess inside a lot of cartoon has a pair of flickering and flashing big eyes, the bride that wants to be a barbie princess can choose a kind of black beauty pupil, but want to notice, the beauty eyebrow that the pupil itself is very big does not use black, can let your eye look very false, very exaggerated, the effect can be opposite only.

Girl's innocence, the charm of the goddess, do you want to have it? Then choose a purple circle of eyes, do the personality of the slightly mature woman. This makeup look wants to harvest optimal effect, must notice the collocation of other colour makeup, for example eye shadow, had better choose purple, light purple hits bottom, deep purple draws outline, eye makeup can more show abstruse and mysterious feeling.

As a Chinese bride, the color is brown or black. If you want to try other colors, you have to decide according to the shooting requirements. If you want to have the best beauty effect, you must pay attention to the collocation and coordination of other cosmetics so that the overall beauty is closer to the full mark.

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How does winter photograph travel marriage gauze nurse skin

In today's society, there is a way to take wedding photos, which is very popular among post-80s couples. This is a tourist wedding photo. Couples not only appreciate the beautiful scenery, but also capture all the happy memories of themselves and their loved ones. This is one of the great advantages of traveling wedding photos. Although I enjoyed the happy moment, I had to be exposed to the sun and the wind. What are the important details of skin care for winter travel wedding photos?

Smartly dressed for the journey

Because it's always sunny and windy, you need to keep your face clean and make up after getting up early so you can get the perfect wedding picture. The first thing you should do is wash away the grease with warm water for a night, and then wash your face with cold water, because warm water opens the pores, and cold water closes the pores, and it makes your face more elastic and hydrated. Wait for the face to be washed clean clean, in let makeup artist help you on makeup ok, so the time that makeup face maintains a few longer also.

Choose nutritious vegetables for a facial

Before we go to bed at night, we can use vegetables for a small facial, for example, cucumbers and other fresh vegetables. We can cut the cucumber into pieces, a little bit and a little bit of yellow flowers in the face and neck, wait for 15 minutes to take it down, then gently pat the face, let its moisture absorption, the great work done.

Drink more water when you travel

Because travel is quite tired, and can produce a lot of sweat, so this time new people must drink more water, especially in the environment is drier place should drink more water, let the moisture inside the body keep balance, such skin won't appear dry phenomenon.

Massage your face often

When we are relaxing on the road, we can close our eyes and gently massage our face with both hands, which can ease the tiredness brought by travel and taking photos, and make our skin gradually regain its elasticity.

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how were the European wedding photos taken

For European wedding photos, both the luxurious and beautiful wedding photos of European court style with interior scenes and the grand shock of European castles with exterior scenes are loved by many new couples. As for the luxurious wedding photos of European style interior scenes, we have already said that before, and because many couples are very concerned about the good location of the wedding photos of European style interior scenes.

European castles. In european-style wedding photos, the most common exterior scenery is the european-style castle. Such as the top ten ancient castles in Europe, new swan castle, walter city, heitzburg and so on, these beautiful and spectacular European castles have all been our dreams. So how can you get less European style wedding photos? European castle is the first choice in european-style wedding photos. When shooting, please pay attention to choosing a long wedding dress.

Noble estate. In addition to the royal castle, we can choose the noble estate. It is not as tall and lofty as a castle, but it adds some fresh green to the landscape. In architecture, it has the grace and grace of the aristocracy in the middle ages of silky Europe, and the effect is also very grand and extensive. Construction photos, especially the European castle manor, give a person a kind of suddenly back to the feeling of the most prosperous time of seventeen century Europe, interested in new try filming european-style wedding experience.

Holy church. European style wedding photos, church wedding photos are also quite common. Playing a sacred and solemn church, the red rose petals, all over the sky of colorful balloons, dove fly freely in the sky, and the music fountain in the square, all constitute our most romantic memories of the European style wedding photos. The existence of the church is unusual for European wedding photos. It is not only a building, but also a commitment to love and emotional sustenance, so many couples will choose to take a group of such church wedding photos.

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Perfect posture makes perfect wedding photos

Our wedding photos but the most happy thing, in the face of the lens, we really need a what kind of scene, may be a lot of new people think is not much problem, at the time of wedding photos frames, we need to own the most gratified smile, in a moment of the photographer and hold the shutter, also keep the happiest moment, for new people may be especially particularly more important memories, but the new people, is better than good photos of the most simple happiness, how to shoot the professional photos of the most beautiful, it has become the most important thing the new people.

May first, professional wedding photos taken of the new people will know that such a topic, that is a good shot from the most perfect posture, in the photos, the change of the posture is very important, in order to take out and fluent line, we need to do is highlight their bodies, brides can follow their own photographers to discuss thoroughly, and see what kind of posture while shooting up will highlight your "S" shape of oh! For the photographer, it's all about taking the best wedding photos from the best Angle you can feel.

So professional wedding photos in addition to the position of competing, new people should pay attention to what kind of posture, of course, is to keep good enough mood, the bride photos need to be tall, keep the spirit. Want to have the confidence that has special importance to oneself besides, still need to use a bit of light! Whole tonal ability is more natural. If the light is too strong, the possible exposure of wedding photos is a very important contrast.

Also is the new people to better shoot out their own professional wedding photos oh, a smile is the new people to do a thing, how to keep the most confident smile and new people to do a thing, how to make the most confident smile smile, in front of the lens, wedding day makeup face clean shoot, the effect will be better! Finally, keep a natural smile. The smile on the wedding photo is too awkward and stiff to reflect the happiness of the couple, but will appear false. So you guys have to practice smiling.

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How do you know which is good for wedding photography

Nowadays, the rich people life, the quality of life are also continue to improve, people more and more pursuit of high quality life style, take photos of the new people is also becoming more and more high to the requirement of wedding photos, wedding photos of tourism has become the first choice, especially in the photography, so, dalian wedding photography shop which good? This is a must-know question for new couples, so here's how to choose a good wedding photography shop.

When choosing a wedding photography studio, newlyweds first look at the size of the wedding photography shop. There is nothing wrong with this. In fact, this is only superficial, the bride and groom should know more about the wedding photography shop. Small make up remind new people, and now there are a lot of businesses print look really very good, but perhaps the only buy other people's print or please senior photographers, their technology is not so good actually.

Which is a good wedding photography shop? In addition to the photos need to pay attention to this aspect, new people and learn is the diversity of the wedding style, the style is the more the better, of course, this will involve the issue of studio, have an own studio for wedding photography shop or for customer is very important, it is also a need to be aware of new people.

About wedding photography shop which good questions, and a new special concern of the people is the price of photography, photography is not a money thing, but can save or province, some businesses late consumption may allow you to spend several times more money, so, in order to shoot a good wedding photos, leave a life the best memories, new people in the choice but to work.

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How can a honeymoon be cheaper

Honeymoon is not a must to do, but there are still a lot of new people choose such a chance can easily enjoy the play together with your lover for a few days, but their honeymoon is a money thing, especially abroad, actually spend money how much care about the couple themselves completely, there is no plan to do something, must have to burn a lot of money.

1. Prepare yourself

Couple will want to, go out in the outside, how to prepare meals, in fact you honeymoon to the place, the farmer's market, there are always some department store size supermarket, there to buy things cheap and fresh, new people can buy some food in the bag, fruit, bread, cheese, certainly more than you save in the hotel, hotel, restaurant to eat, whether long or short stay in local time, the couple can do it, so the money saved can go to see more elsewhere.

Make friends

Newcomer if go to somewhere, can make some local friends, invited to dinner by locals, is absolutely wonderful experience, not only a taste of local authentic cuisine, but also can save money, and they will also provide you with some economical restaurant, and foreign many soup can free refills bread, believe a bowl of soup also expensive, a bowl of soup and free refills of bread can heal your hungry.

Shopping self-control

Our new people especially the bride see love things will want to buy, honeymoon, think can buy don't buy will not buy, buy some local specialties small objects live act the role ofing is tasted, don't buy a pile of hats pendant, not only a waste of money after you come back and found that there is no practical use, more is better than go to a few places to watch Deng Jing, so the couple are still a little self-control.

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The beautiful posture of the wedding photos in the sea view

Seascape wedding photos are the new people is one of the popular style of wedding photos, with nature as the most beautiful scenery, the blue sky, blue sea water, water days following the broad sense, in such a season, just may take a group of such seascape wedding photos, then take photos to master good posture,

For looking

Looking for type refers to the soulful eyes new people face to face, show the feeling of sentiments, set the position of the key is to grasp the good eye and can't be too stiff and soft eyes, trying to show love for each other, but don't deliberately to make eye contact, so that can let a person feel very affected, the perfect moment is to make people have a see be the feeling of touch.


Looking to the future type is very common posture in the wedding photos, because the wedding wedding photos are a memorial, is also a good marriage life, two people to the future full of endless good wishes, of course, looking to the future with an ocean view photos posture, can not only show the beautiful side, but also contains more profound happiness definition, this position requires new synthetic stand, take more lateral position, eyes stare, full of promise.

Back-to-back type

Sitting on the beach of the new people can back to back, this way can let a person think of husband and wife relationship at the beginning of the dating scene, soft beach, cloud light wind qing, mat mat sea breeze, in casual say what, this picture is very gentle. This gesture of mutual dependence is a true expression of the couple's feeling of sharing weal and woe.

Kiss cheek type

Kissing is an indispensable pose in wedding photos. There is a romantic and refreshing feeling in the real kiss at the seaside. The groom stands on his side and kisses the bride on the cheek. Of course, a kiss is just a gesture, and the more advanced will separate the couple a little bit, creating a dynamic beauty.

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The right way to send an invitation

Can come to our wedding and our closest people, although relations are relatively close, but in the invitation form, is a bit cannot careless, wedding while the couple is leading role, but also absolutely without the witness of the couple's sacred moment guests.

Invitation to invite

Invitations are the most common form of invitation, not only traditional but also formal. The invitation card is printed with the main information of a wedding: the name of the couple, the hotel address, the wedding time, etc., so that people can see clearly. Such an invitation is also simple and direct. As anyone who receives an invitation knows, it's time to prepare a red envelope! At present, the invitations on the market are divided into Chinese style and European style. Chinese style mainly with red, traditional and festive; The color of Europe type wants a few richer, white, pink, aureate have, the content of invitation card also is richer and individual character. Although european-style invitations have only become popular in recent years, they are also accepted by more and more new people and are used quite frequently. So these invitations, in fact, are quite popular. After all, the pattern is fixed, all that is different is the wedding information that the couple needs to fill in.

The date of the invitation

Traditional paper invitations must be sent to the invitees in person to be formal. The time of sending invitations is usually limited to one to half months ago. Too early for fear that the other person will forget. It is not good for the other party to arrange their travel time. If you need to send an invitation by email or by phone or text, it is appropriate to send an invitation one to half a month in advance. Just three to five days before the wedding, make sure you call again to make sure you don't get caught up.

SMS invitation

With the form of colored letter, above is the wedding photo of the couple, below is the edited wedding information, very environmental protection, also very innovative! However, such an invitation is not suitable for elders and colleagues, which makes people feel less formal. If the family is more fastidious of the elders, perhaps will also take it hard to feel that they are not respected! Therefore, I suggest such an invitation only applies to friends, because everyone is young and can understand each other better and accept new things more easily! But after SMS invitations, it is better to make a phone call to ask the other party whether received, whether to attend, and for the attendance also should make a understanding, in order to arrange seat.

Call to invite

Two of my friends got married, both by phone. Although I feel a little bit less formal, it is not very convenient to send invitations because my home is far away. It's just a phone call, and there seems to be something missing from the wedding message. It would be nice to add a text invitation after the phone call. Especially two or three days before the wedding, which can also serve as a reminder, after all, the telephone invitation is not so impressive!

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How to reasonably arrange their own wedding banquet dishes

Usually we see that the price of the wedding banquet dishes are very expensive, the variety of dishes is very much, many new couples think that a cent of the price and a cent of goods, since expensive, it must be more and better. Actually not, think about it carefully, how many times you come back from a wedding without having to make up a late night snack? The reason is very simple, sometimes you have people plus bits, so how do you solve this problem?

1. Look at the components

Generally speaking, the price of the hotel reception than to entertain friends eat meal price is more expensive, so a lot of new people will also think: a price points a points goods, now that expensive, and certainly more and better. Actually not, think about it carefully, how many times you come back from a wedding without having to make up a late night snack? The reason is simple: most of the wedding banquet menu items dosing is calculated according to ten doses, and wedding banquet plus a and people may happen, what's more, most of the wedding banquet not staple food, how can this let guests eat satisfied? Therefore, in the dishes, you should take the amount of weight adjusted to 11-12 people, that is to achieve an entree to + 2 standard per capita, if it is a single class of aquatic products, you should let the hotel take care of every desk attendant depending on each table to adjust serving amount by the number of seats. In addition, a proper increase in the number of snacks, such as a sweet dessert with a salty snack, will allow guests to eventually feel full at the banquet.

2. Look at the varieties

Wedding banquet menu name may vary, such as "keeping abreast", "early birth" and so on, a lot of new people are often at a point what food name good to listen, actually dishes is the most important is to see the variety of dishes, not a good name. Said from the raw material, for example, the Chinese wedding banquet basic items: chicken, duck, fish and hoofs Pang essential, more unwritten law in recent years, each table to match the appropriate number of seafood show the grade of the wedding party, such as the Australian lobster, scallops, abalone, etc., in fancy, six to eight cold dish, ten or more hot food, and soup soup, dessert, fruit, be short of one cannot. Therefore, when determining the menu, new people first count whether these basic conditions are satisfied, and then choose other dishes according to their personal preferences.

3. Taste

Hotel offers wedding banquet menu, often for each price provide at least two copies of A and B package, each package respectively represent the different tastes, different practices, such as cantonese food, sichuan food, cuisines, etc., need not busy first consider what kind of cuisine is the most popular, after all, all tastes, it's hard to all guests like A cuisine, at the same time, after the first few rounds down food in food, the practice of some dishes have contact. Accordingly, might as well be in the case that basic dish type is decided, mix in all sorts of taste, practice tries to adjust. For example, if there are more dishes with heavy taste and stewed red, add some dishes with white cauterization and soup, each table can have one quarter to one third of the dishes spicy, and the rest are mainly popular tastes.

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Share tips on taking wedding photos in summer

The wedding the couple have a lot of the summer, because summer is a vibrant season, and the bride can wear any of your favorite wedding dress styles, but the hot weather let a person worry, preparations for the wedding couple in the summer the most main is thinking about the summer hot weather, here small make up for you to share the summer picture taken note.

1. The bride's make-up

Bride makeup with pale, pure and fresh and give priority to, and the bride should pay close attention to their own makeup look, don't walk too much, avoid your makeup was melt, sweat and facial oil more easily with the bride to prepare some paper of oil absorption face.

The bride's wedding dress

Because the summer weather is sultry, prospective brides should choose something simpler, lighter, breathable, and avoid heavy, heavy gowns.

The groom's shirt

The groom, who has been busy all day, must be sweaty. All the grooms must prepare more than two shirts and change into clean ones after going to the hotel to greet the guests. You must also be prepared to write about perfumes with a more elegant smell, and antiperspirant, which is not elegant if you accidentally give off a "manly smell".

4, float

If the flower is in the direct sunshine of the sun, the flower is more easily wilting; And also make the temperature inside car increases easily, so bridal flower car had better be able to park in a few more shady and cool place, and want to prepare next spray bottle, place thinks flower adds a little moisture; When the bride and groom want to go out, let the driver open the door in advance and breathe first, so that the couple will not feel like sitting on the stove

5, diet

The bride and groom don't eat too much cold drinks in summer, if eat too much ice cream unavoidably stomach can not stand, the wedding day is very busy, if say still have loose bowels would wear out, so the new people should consider their own food and drink. Relatives and friends come to congratulate affirmation should prepare some cold drink, pay attention to cold drink not too cold to prevent the stomach of relatives and friends can't bear, it is originally high excitement to come to congratulate, loose bowels not good.

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